Michel Bastian

We are sorry to say that we are forced to consider erasing Michel Bastian's vocal track from the master recording of "Davy Jones Daughter" due to severe problems trying to work with this vocalist.

We paid this singer up front to add a vocal background track as a work-for-hire. As all seasoned studio musicians know, when musicians are paid by the hour to play music that someone else wrote, they have no further rights to the music (unless there is an agreement to the contrary).

After the song was mastered, Ms. Bastian claimed that her work was not a work for hire (even though she had previously told the composer that she understood her vocal part was a work-for-hire and had been paid in full). Numerous polite and professional attempts were made to come to a written understanding with Ms. Bastian, but she refused to cooperate, coming up with excuse after excuse. Our attorney became involved and tried to negotiate a solution that would benefit us both (and benefit her financially).

Ms. Bastian refused to engage in a meaningful dialog and instead, she resorted to writing directly to us, accusing us of "harassment" and, in writing, calling us derogatory names. We had to ask our attorney to write her a letter to cease and desist from contacting us directly. Even so, our attorney presented one more generous offer to resolve the issue.

On March 11th, 2005, Ms. Bastian's vocal track will be permanently erased unless she takes some positive action.

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Jesse Lane, Publishing Director
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