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Credits and Links
We highly recommend the following people, businesses, and web sites whose dedication and attention to detail helped us achieve artistic success!
Web Site
Self-publishing web site - web site dedicated to providing exposure for songwriters and their compositions.
Jim Hawthorne &
Spirit Wind Studios
Mastering - Jim goes thru every track on every song and adjusts everything to perfection before creating a final mix. Producing & recording - If you are starting a new recording project, Jim is definitely a talented producer and engineer who is easy to work with. And as a talented musician, he can add tracks to bring the songs you've written to life (guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, bassist, percussionist, pedal steel, and harmonica!)
Brad Gillis
Producing - When not producing, Brad tours with his band Night Ranger . Brad produced many of the songs heard on Heart of Music's web site.
CD production - Great service!
Pro audio gear & accessories - Professional friendly sales, service, and technical advice from the pros!
Legal advice - Alan, an accomplshed musician himself, provides invaluable and timely advice for doing business in the complex entertainment industry.

West Coast Songwriters Association

Help for songwriters - This organization is one of the best songwriter organizations in the world!.
Legal referals, mediation, and arbitration - A non-profit organization dedicated to helping those working in the arts.


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