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by Jesse Lane

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Verse 1:

Dawn - a new day's awakening
Dawn - and the sunlight is beckoning
Bluebirds are singing good morning to you
And through your window the sun's peeking through
Open your eyes, open your heart
It's time to make a brand-new start with the ...


Dawn, bring on the day
Dawn, put all of your cares away

Verse 2:

There is no reason for yesterday's woe
It's a new morming so just let it go
You've got a reason to do
What's dawning on me and what's dawning on you:


Love, is dawning
Love, Sleepy-head, stop your yawning


Every evening when the sun goes down
You've got to face up to the night
Life has a meaning waiting to be found
Just trust your own inner light
And let your love grow
Let your love flow, with the ...


Dawn, a new day is waiting
Dawn, anticipating

Verse 3:

Open up the window and breathe in the air
Unlock the door and run down those stairs
Life is what we make it, that's what they say
So open your life to the day



Words & music ©2003
Heart of Music Publishing (ASCAP)
2289 Melvin Road, Oakland, CA 94062

(510) 482-5000

Produced by Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
Recorded at Gilrock Studio and Heart of Music Studio

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