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Squirty was born in Monterey Bay off the coast of California. When he first heard "Octopus's Garden" as a young squidlet, he knew he was destined to be an undersea musician.

So Squirty attended fish school to learn how to play the bubblesax (bass bubblesax, barracuda bubblesax, as well as tuna bubblesax). Soon he was playing stints with Elvis Squidsly, Jethro Tuna, Bo Squidly, Simon and Barnacle, Jellyfish, The Rolling Shells, Billy Ocean, Jefferson Squidship, Led Zebrafish, and Pink Flounder. But it was MC Hammerhead who turned him on to rap music.


Squirty decided to combine his new-found rapping ability with his bubblesax talent and created a demo version of his song "Squid Love" which received airplay on the mainland (Marin County's KTIDE). Squirty also played his song at the Monterey Squid Festival at the risk of being eaten! However, a few more years elapsed before Squirty joined forces with producer Brad Gills of Night Rockfish to record the final version of the song, which you can hear by clicking on PLAY above (in case you're not already listening to it).
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